We will achieve Quality through our core values: Teamwork, Compassion, Integrity, and Ownership.


  • I will build teamwork by being a good team member.
  • I will bring a positive attitude to work.
  • I will respect the ways others are different from me, knowing that from the richness of us all, we are unstoppable.
  • A single brain can’t bounce diverse ideas off of each other. Teamwork is coupled with increased patient safety.


  • I will show humility for the role I play in the lives of others.
  • Everyone I come into contact with will know that I truly care.
  • I will recognize everyone as an individual.


  • I will be open, honest and appropriate in all communications.
  • I will follow through on commitments, large and small.
  • I will speak up, sharing my ideas and concerns.


  • I will act like an owner by being fully accountable for everything I do and say.
  • I will constantly look for ways to turn “good enough” into “even better”.
  • The problem is mine until it is solved.
  • I will appropriately hold others accountable.